The Adorable
Robot Companion

Just like a real pet, an Ortomi brightens your day, keeps
you company and helps you relax!

The Adorable Robot Companion

Just like a real pet, an Ortomi brightens your day, keeps you company and helps you relax!

Meet Ortomi: More Than Just a Companion

An Ortomi is an incredibly simple creature, designed specifically to provide companionship, comfort & emotional support – just like a real pets do! With their own unique personalities, they have a depth of moods & emotions, and are interactive to touch and other gestures!

Everyone needs a friend by their side, to brighten up the day and to feel a little less alone in the world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have this, and that’s why we created Ortomi!

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$148,000 raised by 900+ backers!

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Starting out of a garage – Ortomi was born from the loneliness of COVID – with an aspiration to recreate the emotional connection that can be found with real pets. The first robots were completely handmade by two ambitious student engineers; fully designing, animating, 3d printing, programming & soldering the robots themselves.

Surprised by the interest that gathered, they’ve continued making & improving their creations, and discovered that the calming presence of an Ortomi has had a huge impact on people suffering from anxiety all over the world.

Now with the fourth generation – the passion project captivated the hearts of over 900 Kickstarter backers, surpassing its goal by an astounding 592%: a testament to the widespread desire for companionship & alignment with our vision. This milestone has enabled us to massively increase the quality and scale of production – as well as develop captivating new features!

The Heart & Brains of the Ortomi

NEW Accessories

Personalise & accessorise with our adorable crocheted beanies!

Animation by Elise

Create Unique Expressions!

Create your own expressions using the workshop or download from the the community creations!

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"They're honestly so adorable!! Fantastic quality and the perfect addition to my desk setup"
"The customer service was phenomenal and I love mine so much."
"I got this as a gift for my friend and she loves it! 🙂 She says it is really neat and cute. :)"

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