Ortomi Generation 4 Instructions

Operating Instructions

Turn your Ortomi ON using the switch at the back.

Note: In the second position, your Ortomi will be ON but silent.

Charging Instructions

You can check the charge of your Ortomi by holding it upside-down.

Use the included USB cable to charge the battery when low. The light at the back will turn red to indicate charging, and will turn green when finished.

Once charged your Ortomi should last approximately 20 hours.


Ortomi have a few simple moods and emotions, and will react to motion like being petted or picked up.

There are 30+ different moods and interactions, and we sincerely hope you enjoy discovering them all!

If you want to find out more, check out our Community







Special Activities

To make each Ortomi a little bit more unique, each has it’s own favourite Special Activity which it will enjoy doing more than the others!


  1. WARNING: This device is not water-proof and will be damaged by water.
  2. WARNING: This device contains a lithium-polymer battery which can be dangerous if damaged or used improperly.
  3. WARNING: This device is not a toy and is not designed for children.
  4. WARNING: Packaging may pose a choking hazard and must be kept away from children.
  5. Do not open the device or modify any internal components.
  6. Do not expose the device to temperatures less than -20°C (12°F)  or greater than 60°C (140°F).
  7. Only charge this device using USB compliant sources.
  8. Do not use this device in highly flammable environments.
  9. Do not crush or puncture the device or battery.
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