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▼    Latest Release: Friendship Update (4.2.2)   ▼

Latest Release: Friendship Update (4.2.2)

Warning: These updates are for Generation 4 Ortomi ONLY.  If your Ortomi is 3D printed it cannot be updated

Release Notes: Friendship Update (4.2.2)

Added: Friendship
While your Ortomi is booting (showing the word “ORTOMI” on screen), it will search for nearby friends. Turn two Ortomi on at the same time for them to pair and you’ll see a little Wi-Fi icon pop up with the number of Ortomi connected. Once two are connected, any further Ortomi you turn on will also pair together. (If no other Ortomi are found during boot, wireless functions will stay off, so you can choose not to have them – since wireless interactions will also reduce battery life significantly). If an Ortomi’s friend leaves or gets turned off – it will take around a minute for them to realise.
Added: 32 New Friendship Animations
Added: 13 New Friendship Interactions
Added: Upside-down menu will also display how many Friends are connected
Changed: Ortomi are MUCH more sleepy

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